As per guidelines of VTU, the College has constituted SC/ST/OBC Cell with the following faculty as Members.

  1. Shri N Jayashankar, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department.
  2. Prof. K Gopala Reddy, Associate Professor, Electrical & Electronics Engineering Dept.The Cell will take care of SC/ST/OBC students with respect to:

(a)    Scholarships – their distribution to the beneficiaries on time,

(b)   Solve any problems occurred during their educational career

(c)    Making arrangements for sending statistical information required by University/Government authorities,

(d)   Any issues relating to discrimination experienced by the students in the College.

Students, especially belonging to SC/ST/OBC, if they have any issues on the above, may register their complaint either in this web portal or in the cell office.

The above Cell will meet once in a month and review all the complaints received and take/suggest remedial measures.